Monday, December 5, 2011

The Art of Walls....

In a simpler time, walls were white and practical, serving a function of privacy and shelter.  Early designers began decorating walls with color, plaster effects and artwork.  the machine age emerged and many designers revolted and returned to simpler and more functional d├ęcor with bare walls and handcrafted furniture.   However many continued to decorate with flare and accessories.  
While a lot can be said for a simple white wall, even more will be said about a wall adorned with stunning wallpaper, groupings of photographs, artwork, or mirrors.   We all have a simple black party dress that we can wear to many different occasions. however, it is the jewelry, purse and accessories that make us the talk of the town.  The same goes for your walls.   Don’t play it safe….think outside the box and have a little fun with it.  For an eco-friendly and unique way to bring your walls to life, check out wall flats at www.inhabit  These 3D wall tiles are easy to install and can be painted to match any decor.  They are a very reasonable price point for the incredible impact that they have on a space.

This is a generation where anything goes and anything works.  Make your walls come alive with the brilliance of metal wall art, ornate mirrors, ceramic flowers, jewels and wall stickers.  These unexpected works of art will bring elegance, depth and a sense of life to any space.   Be unique and creative.  If you love it, show it off.