Monday, October 31, 2011

Have A Seat.....

Chairs.  They are a place that we sit to enjoy a good meal, good conversation or a morning coffee.  they are where we spend hours a day at work, and they are where we wind down at home after a long day.  A chair exemplifies all of the elements of design.  it needs to function with the utmost comfort, have durability, be aesthetically pleasing, and it must work with a multitude of other elements in a space.
Every designer has a trademark, something that they believe every room needs.  I believe that every room needs a great chair.  It can be either the focal point of the room or simply a beautiful accent piece that compliments the other elements in the space.   Throughout history, we can see the trends in interior design through the different styles of chairs.  From the clean wooden lines of mission style chairs, to the more elaborate, ornate details of The Victorian chair, and into the engineering wonders of the cantilevered Barcelona chair, we have watched chairs literally shape, design and pave the way for a vast array of interior styles.   
In Today’s society we see chairs being used as pieces of art with color, shape and form taken from every style of d├ęcor.  It is not uncommon to see an old carved wing back chair with a contemporary fabric and a glossy white paint job.  With the popularity of refinishing furniture and re-upholstering older pieces, it is easy to combine any chair into any design.  It can be as dominant or subtle as you choose, but don’t be afraid to fill an empty corner with a place to take the weight off your feet and ultimately, a place to rest your soul. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Into Orange

I remember our house when I was a teenager, with the rusty orange shag carpet throughout.  My parents couldn’t wait to tear it out for a light grey, low pile carpet that went with everything.   The idea of trends and styles coming full circle rings so true.  What I wouldn’t give for a stunning rust colored shag rug in my dining room today.  In the spirit of fall and the beautiful colors that it brings, let’s celebrate orange.  The current trends in interiors are bringing the outside in and the inside out; so break out the oranges…in every shade, tint and tone.  Whether it’s in your paint, throw pillows, accessories or a beautiful shag area rug, invite orange into your home this fall.  Accessories are easy to switch out as you tire of them or as the trends change.  You may want to start simple with a flower arrangement or throw pillows and you might just find yourself at the hardware store tomorrow buying a gallon of orange paint.   Pair your orange with yellows, reds and browns.  You will be amazed at the warmth and comfort that it brings to your home.

Friday, October 14, 2011

What is an Interior Decorator?

Our homes are our sanctuaries.  We invest time and endless amounts of money into creating a place where we can feel safe, comfortable and secure.  Most of us know what shapes, colors, and styles make us feel this way.  However, a professional Interior decorator specializes in putting all the pieces together to create a functional and visually pleasing space.  With the integration of design elements and the use of design principles, an interior decorator can create a space that evokes all of the senses.  Interior Decorators take on continuously changing trends, environmental concerns and the challenges of today’s economy with enthusiasm and vision. 

An Interior decorator takes ordinary spaces and makes them extraordinary.