Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Into Orange

I remember our house when I was a teenager, with the rusty orange shag carpet throughout.  My parents couldn’t wait to tear it out for a light grey, low pile carpet that went with everything.   The idea of trends and styles coming full circle rings so true.  What I wouldn’t give for a stunning rust colored shag rug in my dining room today.  In the spirit of fall and the beautiful colors that it brings, let’s celebrate orange.  The current trends in interiors are bringing the outside in and the inside out; so break out the oranges…in every shade, tint and tone.  Whether it’s in your paint, throw pillows, accessories or a beautiful shag area rug, invite orange into your home this fall.  Accessories are easy to switch out as you tire of them or as the trends change.  You may want to start simple with a flower arrangement or throw pillows and you might just find yourself at the hardware store tomorrow buying a gallon of orange paint.   Pair your orange with yellows, reds and browns.  You will be amazed at the warmth and comfort that it brings to your home.

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