Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Big Clean Up....

Tis’ the end of the Christmas Season.  I hope everyone survived the holiday chaos.  More importantly, I hope your homes survived.
Now what?  The tree and decorations are coming down and suddenly you have accumulated a heap more “things.”  How long will you let them linger on the fireplace mantle and kitchen counter before you find them a home?  Or what if you don’t have room and they never have a home of their own?  Don’t let the joy of Christmas and all that it brings bury you knee deep in “stuff.”
First things first...if you don’t like the smell of that bar of soap you got, don’t put it in the back of the vanity only to find it again next year.  Re-gift or donate....somebody will love the smell of that soap.  Or, take it to work and put it in the bathroom there.  The point is, don’t keep stuff that you know you will never use.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so share.
Next, if you got a lovely set of new tea towels for’s OK to throw away the old ones with holes and frayed corners.  In fact, rather than throw them away, put them in the laundry room or garage and use them as cleaning rags.  It isn’t necessary to have 28 tea towels jammed in a drawer that you can’t close.
These are the little things... now what about all those toys????  We all know kids play with things for a week (if we’re lucky) and then move on to the next toy.  Encourage them to donate some of their old toys to the “Inn of the Good Shepherd” or a local Woman’s Shelter.  There are so many kids out there that would be thrilled to have half the toys we find wedged under beds and in corners of the furnace room.  What are we holding onto them for?  As for the toys that remain...get some stackable bins from the dollar store and start organizing.  Some toys can get tucked away and others can be stored neatly in organized and labelled bins that are easily accessible.  Ikea has fabulous shelves that are great for storing toys and books and still looking stylish.  Rotate the toys every now and then until the kids grow out of them.
How about a new years resolution?  Reduce, Re-use, and your part to help others and your environment.  Don’t let your home become an episode of “Hoarders”.  

Happy New Year, now CLEAN UP!!!!

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