Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm Singing The Blues...

Blue is one of my favorite colours for the home. A couple of years ago I changed the colour of my living room from warm terracotta to a soft shade of blue - green... This is now my favorite room in the house. There is an overwhelming feeling of calm that you have when you enter a room painted in soft soothing blue.

These days I am thrilled to see so much watery blue and turquoise in my favorite home decor stores, you can find it everywhere. Blue is seen on everything from bathroom accessories to furniture and upholstery. It is definitely gaining popularity in the home. Beautiful blue fits into almost every style and palette.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate the colour blue into your home
Adding blue accessories in your room:

If you have a neutral or beige room try introducing a combination of these accessories in a blue tone: 

Accessories in a soft shade of blue
An ottoman or accent chair
Blue glass vases and picture matting
Cushions and Throws

Introduce blue as a wall colour:

In the Kitchen - pair soft blue walls with neutral white cupboards, espresso floors and furniture.
In the Bath  - using light blue walls, add a warm wood vanity, silver fixtures, crystal chandeliers and shimmery mirrors.

In the Bedroom  -  beautiful blue walls combined with a ivy green accents, make a soothing blue and green colour combination.
Introducing blue to your home will remind you of a sunny day at the beach, summer skies and the ocean at your feet. Now how relaxing is that!

Decorator’s tip: For a country home - paint a back or side door robin’s egg blue.  A wonderful, pleasant welcome for your guests!

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