Sunday, October 21, 2012

How To Add Drama To Your Space

Now that the summer has come to a close, our thoughts turn toward coming inside and cozying up for the winter ahead.
Do you have a recent decorating project you just finished, but the room lacks that certain something?
Chances are all your room needs is a little drama. Here are five simple ways to add drama and interest to your space.

Area Rugs

Stylish graphic patterned area rugs can ground a space, add dimension and texture, and make a room seem complete.


Throw Cushions
Cushions add colour, texture, and pattern to a space.They are decorative as well as functional. You can enliven a space and reflect your personality with beautiful throw cushions.


Nothing says drama more then beautiful and dramatic lighting. A large scale pendant really creates a statement in a room.

A unique or unexpected find

A unique metal side table or a fabulous flea market find, adds interest with a touch of the unexpected.


A bold patterned wallpaper serves as a wonderful backdrop and accent wall for your bed (or sofa) and adds instant atmosphere to your space. Available in endless colours and patterns, your sure to find one you love.

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