Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feather Your Nest....

The peacock is a treasured bird symbolizing the true beauty of nature and color.  The way the light reflects off the often five foot long tail feathers, to reveal the metallic shades of blue and green, is an optical wonder.  At the end of the mating season, the male peacock can shed up to one hundred and fifty of these stunning feathers, only to grow them back.  We reap the benefits of this every year when they are sold for home décor, jewelry and more.  Even Christmas decorations have begun to appear adorned with peacock feathers and accessories in various shades of blue and more vibrant greens.  Combined with yellow it is easy to keep this color palette feeling warm and inviting.  Combined with Chrome and white accents you can achieve a more elegant and sophisticated interior.
Visit your local Bou Clair retailer to find some unique home décor items and perhaps get ready for a blue Christmas this year.  Also, check out Behr’s “Peacock Tail” paint and start thinking about an accent wall in your home.  Remember, it’s only one wall.  What do you have to lose?
Feather your nest this winter with the beauty and class of The Peacock and all its magnificent colors.

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