Monday, November 21, 2011

Pining For Accessories.....

The sun was shining and the air was crisp as we hiked through the trails at Canatara Park. The kids ran ahead into the woods and emerged with huge, perfectly shaped pinecones.  With my designer mind, I began envisioning these lovely pieces of nature on my coffee table, my mantle and my Christmas wreath.  The trees had obviously discarded these wonderful pinecones so that they could adorn our homes with their natural style.  So it began, the gathering of all the pinecones that we could find.
“To pine or not to pine…. that is the question”.  Now, what do I do with this hoard of pinecones laying on the floor of my living room?  I ask this hypothetically because I already have a plan.
Firstly, I will add them to my Christmas wreath on the front door to give it a little character and some rustic elegance.
Secondly, I will take some out to the garage, pull out a can of spray paint and give them a splash of color.  They will look amazing in a decorative bowl on my coffee table.  In the spirit of the holiday season, perhaps I can spray them gold or silver and sprinkle them with glitter.   I can even mix them with some scented potpourri, or some decorative festive balls and other accessories.  They will make a beautiful centerpiece on the dining room table.
Finally, I suppose since the kids did all the hard work gathering up these decorative beauties, I should allow them a little reward as well.  This afternoon we will break out the school glue, some sparkles and craft supplies. Then they can decorate pinecones to dress our Christmas tree with this holiday season.
The pining is over…I have accessorized the entire home for the holidays with a simple walk in the park, my kids hard work in gathering pinecones and my creative designer imagination.  (Not to mention a great way to get the family out for some exercise and to tire out the little ones!!)

Happy Trails!!!

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