Monday, November 14, 2011

Something "New".....

It’s always nice to have something “new” in our lives, whether it’s a new friend, a new favorite restaurant, a new purse, or a new kitchen.  Yes, most of us dream of having a brand new kitchen and then we quickly wake to realize a money tree didn’t grow out back while we were asleep.  Let me tell you a little secret, you don’t need a money tree or even a hundred bucks to make your kitchen look “new”.  However, you better be prepared to put in a few days labor and a whole bucket of elbow grease.  
If you think you have the time and patience to undertake painting your kitchen cabinets, then all you need next is a vision and a can of paint……
1. First you will need to choose your paint.   Remember to use paint with a little bit of sheen to it.  This way you will have the durability and scrubability that a kitchen needs. You will need to use a roller as well as a brush to get into all the grooves of the doors. 
2. That was the fun part, now starts the work.  You will need to remove all of the cabinet doors as well as the hardware and have a nice large area to lay everything out in. 
3. Now, give everything a very thorough clean with TSP or a similar product.  Paint will not stick to areas that have grease build up.
4. Next, if you are changing the hardware and handles, which I highly recommend, you can fill any holes that the old hardware has left behind with paintable wood filler.
5. You will now need to give everything a light sanding with 100 or 120 grit sandpaper.   Don’t forget to wipe away all the dust before you begin painting.
6. Now apply a coat of primer. A little tip: If you are using a darker paint, try tinting the primer.  You will probably need one less coat of paint and over time if you do get any dings in the cupboards, they won’t be quite so obvious.  Primer can be pretty stinky, so choose the type wisely and think about wearing a mask.
7. When the primer has fully dried on both sides of the doors, you can begin the first coat of paint.  Apply as many coats as is needed, allowing it to dry fully in between coats.  You will need patience and restraint for this part.  Waiting is half the battle in this job.
8. When everything is dry, you can drill for your hardware, install your handles and put the doors back on the cabinets. Remember that the paint, although dry to the touch, will need a few weeks to fully cure, so you should be very careful with your cabinets in the meantime.
For an extra wow factor, think about changing the countertops in the kitchen as well.  This is not as cheap a task, however, it can be the piece de resistance.  There are a variety of countertop options ranging in cost.  Check out some of the amazing new laminate samples at your local kitchen retailer or hardware store.  You will be amazed at how stunning the laminate can be and even more amazed by the price.

If your kitchen is beyond repair and simply doesn’t function the way it should, then you may need a little bit more help than a can of paint can provide.  Check out Casey’s Creative Kitchens or William Standen Co. and have a designer plan your dream kitchen.  You will be amazed at what they can do with your space.

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